Léa Salamé can’t believe it when she discovers the circumstances!

Like every Saturday, in the second part of the evening, Léa Salamé hosts on France 2 What an era! A joyful talk show but also a society magazine that simply reflects the news, against a backdrop of meetings, debates, both media, societal or artistic. At his side, the companion of Raphaël Glucksmann can count on Christophe Dechavanne, who is not the last to revive the guests, but also on the comedians Philippe Caverivière and Paul de Saint-Sernin. The latter officiating like a valve snipper from the rows of the public. Invited to the set, the guests of this Saturday, May 6, 2023 were in particular Manu Payet, who came to promote his latest One-Man Immanuel 2 that the hosts of the evening obviously loved. But also Marianne James who challenged herself on stage to explain that It’s all in the voice. The ex-juror of New star even split a funny vocal coaching with the public! But the evening especially started with the actress Corinne Masiero accompanied by her acting partner Vincent Chalambert for the film The Marginal by Franck Cimière, currently in theaters.

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“And there, suddenly, the catch was super good!”

On screen, these two completely opposite people form an endearing duo against a caustic road-movie background: or the story of a gruff homeless person who takes a mentally handicapped person on a crazy journey to search for his son. And the actress was full of praise for her acting partner who, suffering from an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is, according to her, a formidable actor, member of the Théâtre du Cristal company, promoting the creation arts of people with disabilities. And Christophe Dechavanne did not fail to recall that he had also shared a few scenes with the famous Captain Marleau! A woman he showered with praise for more than ten minutes, deeming her available and of infinite kindness. At the time, the former host of Hello it’s us had to wear the costume of a policeman during an episode of the hit series. And faced with the actress, who impresses with her professionalism just as she can be confusing with her improvisations, the 60-year-old man has somewhat lost his means… But she helped him! As he could not play the surprise, she showed him her breasts! “I had a 12 meter corridor to cross and it was very difficult to play a surprise, since I could see it from 12 meters!”he says under the general laughter. The permanent guest then explains that after two takes “all rotten”, he managed to play well. The reason ? “I arrive (in front of Corinne Masiero) and she shows me her breasts! They are beautiful, really, well she does yoga… and they are natural. And there, all of a sudden, the take was super good because I did (he mimics astonishment)”. The “surprise” sequence is then broadcast under the general good mood and the pleasure of discovering behind the scenes of the shooting of this successful scene by Christophe Dechavanne!


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