Léa Haddad (Star Academy) tackled by a former friend, she shows her claws

Tensions are palpable within the 2022 class of the star Academy. Recently, Léa Haddad triggered the anger of Said Boussif, the manager of the Vitaa label. The reason ? A tweet shared by the young woman on her social networks in which we could read: “Hey Vitaa and James Blunt, we’re pissing each other off, just put Léa there, there’s an impact”. A publication that the ex-candidate of the famous telecrochet topped with a “I confess” which seems to have stuck in the throat of the boss of Indifférence pROD, but also of Chris Camalon.

In a recent discussion organized on X, formerly Twitter, the semi-finalist of the 2022 edition did not mince his words. It’s not that I can’t stand it anymore because those aren’t my words, but there are disagreements and then there’s an attitude that I don’t accept at all, a situation that I don’t accept not. On the other hand, I’m not at odds with her. Tomorrow, she calls me, I answer her, but I’m not going to be friends with her in the long run. I’m not a hypocrite. Whether Léa’s fans like it or not”, he said before adding that he had nothing to do with the judgment of the young woman’s fans to the extent that “vsThey are not people who listen to music with their ears. Words which obviously caused a lot of pain to the main person concerned.

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“He was like a brother”

Interviewed by Purecharts this Saturday November 18, 2023 on the occasion of the release of his title Who I amLéa Haddad was quick to react to her rival’s attack. Frankly, I didn’t understand. I had a very bad experience… On his part, I felt betrayed because for me he was like a brother. Saying that in public, I didn’t understand. When I heard the messages, it hurt me, I wasn’t feeling well. I said to myself: maybe everyone is like that in this industry, maybe it’s jealousy, maybe he’s looking for buzz, maybe he wasn’t well… I don’t know what it is but that doesn’t excuse anything, he said what he thought. In any case, I wouldn’t have done that… So I’m a little lost, because I would like to come back to him but I tell myself that maybe he doesn’t deserve it.” Will the two sidekicks mend their ways? To be continued…


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