Laval | Vehicles damaged by gunfire in front of Luigi Coretti’s business

Vehicles were damaged by gunfire in front of the premises of a company belonging to controversial businessman Luigi Coretti on the night of Friday to Saturday in Laval, but the latter insists that he was not directly targeted.

Around ten shots were fired on Boulevard Industriel, not far from the premises of the security company Transport de Valeurs Centurion.

Vehicles were damaged and shell casings were found on the ground. But the exact time of the event and the motive behind the shooting remain unknown, since no witnesses had yet been traced on Sunday, according to what the Laval Police Service (SPL) indicated.

Joined by The Press Sunday, Luigi Coretti hammered that he was not directly targeted. “It was a vehicle that was on our property that was shot at. None of our vehicles were hit or targeted. »

The investigation would tend to demonstrate that a shooting broke out “in the area” before ending not far from the Centurion Value Transport premises, he added, citing information that the SPL would have communicated to him.

It is a vehicle belonging to a worker from another company having its premises in the same building which would have rather been affected, according to him. “Our vehicles were not targeted, our vehicles were hit because of a bullet that passed through the other vehicle,” he said.

Luigi Coretti adds that he fully cooperated with the police, in particular by providing all the videotapes he possessed of the event.

Many controversies

Luigi Coretti was involved in many controversies in the early 2010s, in particular because of his links with the former Minister of Family Tony Tomassi, who fell out of favor for having used a credit card from the firm BCIA.

The security company, which belonged to Luigi Coretti, had also used nominees to pay thousands of dollars to the Liberal Party of Quebec in the 2000s. Another controversy: BCIA had inherited without a contract the surveillance of the HQ of the Montreal police.

Luigi Coretti was accused in 2012 of having overvalued his clients’ accounts in order to obtain financing from Desjardins. The cooperative ended up losing millions of dollars in the bankruptcy of its firm BCIA in 2010.

Four years after the charges were filed, Luigi Coretti took advantage of a halt to the legal process. He then sued the Quebec government and the Desjardins funds for $9 million.

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