Laval | A man known to the police is the victim of an attempted murder by shooting

A 35-year-old man, known to the police, was the victim of an attempted murder in the middle of the afternoon, Friday, in a parking lot at a busy intersection in Laval.

The man was sitting in his luxury Mercedes SUV, in the parking lot of a restaurant located on Boulevard de l’Avenir, at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Martin, around 1:05 p.m., when a suspect on foot approached his vehicle and opened fire in his direction several times.

The victim was not seriously injured.

“The man was transported to a hospital where his life is not in danger. Major Crimes investigators from the Laval Police Department (SPL) were dispatched to the scene,” described SPL spokesperson Stéphanie Beshara.

According to our information, the victim is Ali Chaaban. The man has no criminal record but is, according to the police, part of a network involved in vehicle theft and extortion against cafe and restaurant owners.

This network also allegedly maintains links with members of street gangs known for their violence.

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