Laurent Delahousse receives Rishi Sunak, the English Prime Minister, on “France 2”. But who is his wife, a “First Lady” richer than the late Queen Elizabeth II?

This is the first summit organized between the two countries since 2018, after years of tension, between Brexit and Pandemic! This Friday, March 10, 2023, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is received at the Élysée for the first bilateral summit in five years. Frail silhouette and technocratic look, only arrived at his post on October 25th. And knows himself in a very ejectable position! His country must regain its credibility on the economic, political and international levels, after the Boris Johnson years and the ephemeral episode Liz Truss who had been forced to resign. Suffice to say that the weight is heavy on his shoulders! On the private side, the resident of 10 Downing Street shares his life with Akshata Murty who became, with the appointment of her husband, the British First Lady. And the latter, with an atypical course and life, does not leave fellow English citizens cold. Quite the contrary… Last April, moreover, this 42-year-old woman had been noticed very negatively for her privileged tax status allowing her not to pay part of her taxes at the time. However, the beauty had been living in London for nine years! This affair, in the midst of a purchasing power crisis, had considerably fueled criticism of her husband, then British Minister of Finance. And it turns out that Akshata Murty is an ultra wealthy businesswoman!

A shrewd businesswoman who is also a fashion designer!

Born in Bangalore, India, she is the daughter of a billionaire who co-founded “Infosys” in 1981. It is no less the Indian technology giant, a company in which her daughter holds shares deemed to be high. a billion dollars! The Sunday Times even estimated his personal fortune at 420 million euros, more important than the late Elizabeth II. It was while leaving to study economics in the United States in 1988 at Stanford University in California that the young woman met her future husband, Rishi Sunak. Although from very different social backgrounds – which is always viewed with suspicion in traditional Indian families – Akshata Murty’s parents accept that she marry this simple son of a doctor, originally from Southampton, in the south from England. They married in 2009, surrounded by some 1,000 handpicked guests. They have since been the happy parents of two daughters, Anoushka and Krishna. Having the business pegged to the body, the young woman also created her own fashion brand, Akshata Designs, and also heads the investment company Catamaran Ventures, founded by her husband. Today, we know that they own a very beautiful house in the chic district of Kensington, in London, estimated at just over eight million euros, and an apartment in Santa Monica, California. A beautiful love and success story worthy of a screenplay signed by Bollywood!


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