Late Spring | Snow, rain and cold weather forecast

(Montreal) The arrival of spring may not be long in coming, since rain, snow and below-normal temperatures are on the menu for the months of March and April.

Ski enthusiasts should be delighted with the weather forecast for the next few weeks, because winter would not have had its last word.

Temperatures below normal for the first half of spring are forecast for Quebec and Ontario and there should be “still a lot of snowfall, especially in March,” said the head of the meteorology department. at The Weather Network.

“Like every year, everyone is looking forward to the sweetness of spring and the awakening of nature. Unfortunately, the cold air dome will be persistent during the first half of the season. The incursions of heat will be timid”, specified André Monette.

These possible incursions of heat could give a taste of what awaits the two provinces in May, where temperatures are expected to be above seasonal averages.

“Milder temperatures are expected in the second half of the season, allowing Quebec to catch up,” said Mr. Monette.

A rainy spring

The meteorologist predicts an “active pattern” over much of eastern North America.

“Which includes a good part of Ontario and Quebec and when you add up the three months, so from the 1er March to May 31, we will have more precipitation than normal, so a more active spring, more rain than average. »

With the risk of heavy rainfall, the flood season will be one to watch.

Significant flooding can occur when there is a combination of heavy rain and sudden melting of the snow cover.

“It’s really the combo to avoid, very fast snowmelt with a lot of passages of depressions at the same time”, indicated André Monette, specifying “that currently, we don’t see anything really worrying about the flood season” .

Elsewhere in the country

Most provinces are expected to experience wintry weather in March. “Temperatures will be below normal and lots of snow is expected in the western mountains. »

However, unlike the rest of the country, the Atlantic provinces should be more sheltered from the cold in the coming weeks.

“The mildness very present in the southern United States will move more easily to the east of the country, bringing temperatures above seasonal norms”, according to MétéoMédia.

The weather service recommends that people pay close attention to daily forecasts over the next few weeks, “as weather and road conditions will change suddenly”.

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