Lara Fabian makes serious revelations about Thierry Ardisson

Lara Fabian will remember her time with Thierry Ardisson for a long time. Guest on her show Everybody talks about it in 2005 to promote her new album, the singer was the target of violent sexist and misogynistic attacks from the host-producer, and his permanent guest and sniper Laurent Baffie. The two men virulently attack the young woman, and call her a “black pudding” Many times : “Is your producer Weight Watchers?”, “Your breasts haven’t moved”, “What an idiot the old one is”, “Compared to the pudding before”… The singer is the target of numerous derogatory remarks which would have caused major controversies in 2024. But in 2005, the times were different and social networks were not there.

Guest of Jade and Éric Dussart on RTL this Saturday February 24, 2024, Lara Fabian remembered this traumatic interview, and revealed that she had a very painful memory: “There was a sort of right to violence, with complete impunity. We could speak like that, to anyone, it was not just me who suffered that. It was extremely violent, totally unfair, that didn’t take root anywhere.” explains the one who was criticized during the interview for “yelling” too much during her songs. During the interview, Thierry Ardisson told him: “When she’s not screaming, she sings well.”and Laurent Baffie to outbid: “Boo the old Lara Fabian! What a bitch, the old one!”

She applies for the next Star Ac

Forced to laugh, to pretend to appreciate the remarks aimed at her, Lara Fabian suffered during the filming of this show: He (said) that I was a cow, a pudding. I didn’t (have) the choice because I (see) that, in any case, I (didn’t) have the weapons at that time to fight or to respond. It was lost in advance. Not that I didn’t have the retort, but (…) it (was) useless because the guy in front was a sniper.” deplores the one who revealed that she was applying to become a coach of the next star Academy

alongside Adeline Tonuitti and Michael Goldman.

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