Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert: Reappearance of the couple in front of their house decorated for Halloween, with a star comedian

Halloween is approaching and everyone in the United States prepares for this highly anticipated holiday every year. This is the case of Laeticia Hallyday in particular, who discovers some superb statements that are both funny and terrifying, surrounded by her family. And Jalil Lespert is obviously in the game. It had been a while since the couple appeared publicly together, and each had numerous obligations around the world, not helping with a laid-back reunion at their Los Angeles home. It’s done, after their dream vacation in Saint-Barth, but also a trip to Belgium as part of the exhibition dedicated to the rocker and a visit to Paris Fashion Week for Johnny’s widow, Laeticia Hallyday is well back in the City of Angels, her lover too. And a famous comedian!

Indeed, as shown in a photo posted by the mother of Jade and Joy on Instagram, Malik Bentalha seems to be the guest of the clan a few days before Halloween. The actor, humorist and now director – with his first film Jack Mimoun and the secrets of Val Verde – may be planning to check out this party in Los Angeles, and he’s in good hands anyway. Very stylish in jeans flare and very elegant blue silk blouse, Laeticia Hallyday appeared radiant, alongside a friend, Jalil Lespert ice cream in hand and Malik, delighted with the start of his stay. “Welcome“, then wrote Laeticia Hallyday in the caption of a photo with him in front of his house in Los Angeles.

Their sublime home perfectly decorated for Halloween

A residence already very well decorated as can be seen in the photos shared by the widow of Johnny Hallyday on his Instagram account. A talking witch presenting a plate presumably to offer sweets was placed in front of the house and greatly amused her friend Talie. Under the Los Angeles sun, about ten days before the festivities, Laeticia and Jalil still seem so in love and fulfilled.

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