La Presse at the 74th Berlinale | A lackluster Interstellar

(Berlin) Spacemanwhich will be on Netflix on 1er March, is not a film about ex-Expos pitcher Bill Lee. This one was made in 2016 and starred Josh Duhamel. This Spaceman-this is an adaptation of the Czech novel An astronaut in Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař, published in 2017 and presented in special selection on Wednesday at the Berlinale. It’s the story of a Czech astrophysicist, Jakub (Adam Sandler, not Czech at the latest), in orbit around Jupiter, who tries to elucidate the mystery of a cloud of cosmic dust visible from Earth.

Jakub encounters a giant spider-shaped alien who appeared on his ship out of nowhere after six months of solo travel. This creature, which he calls Hanus (the voice of Paul Dano), will be of valuable advice to Jakub so that he can manage his marital problems with Lenka (Carey Mulligan, not Czech either).

If you thought Hanus seemed more like an imaginary friend Jakub invented as a cure for his loneliness than a doctoral candidate in interstellar psychology, think again. Swedish filmmaker Johan Renck (director of the series Chernobyl) clarified at a press conference on Wednesday that this hairy HAL 9000 was not a fantasy. If you insist, Johan, I thought, my t-shirt with the HAL 9000 logo on the back.

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