Kylie Jenner adopts pink hair and panics the Web

2014 was ten years ago. Since the beginning of the year, a “trend” that has been circulating on TikTok is to remind us that a decade has already passed since 2014, the year when obviously “everything was better” according to Internet users. Many of them are therefore re-adopting the codes of this year which left its mark, from the simple fact of listening to the songs released at that time to dressing in the clothes that were trendy at that time.

Kylie Jenner panics the Internet by appearing with pink hair
As a good self-respecting influencer, Kylie Jenner also decided to ride this wave of nostalgia and published a few hours ago a photo in which she appears with pink hair. Very quickly, the photo went viral and panicked the entire Internet, quite simply because the young woman’s most loyal fans remember that it is one of the daring hair colors that she proudly sported in 2014, the era to which she was also called “King Kylie”.

Two years later, Kylie Jenner focused on green, displaying a bold bob with black roots and sea green locks. Know that if the young mother allows herself to change her hair color or her gloss, it is quite simply because she is banking on the famous undetectable wigs, which are increasingly sold on the hair market.

Undetectable wigs: where can you find high-quality lace wigs to dare to use color?
High quality and available in a multitude of colors and lengths, these famous wigs also called “Lace Wig” are invisible to the naked eye once installed. Enough to change your look every week and thus bet like Kylie Jenner, on a brown bob on Monday and then display pink lengths on Wednesday! An intelligent way to change your look without ever damaging your hair and without taking any risks and a method already adopted by many American celebrities… but also French ones like Nabilla Benattia, Wejdene or even Aya Nakamura.

If it sometimes remains complicated to find good hair salons or good colorists when it comes to wigs, today we are taking you to discover an expert in the field. Known as AshBlondColor on Instagram, Estelle is a colorist and hairstylist who started her career in 2018 after a sad realization despite increasing demand: very few hair salons specializing in wigs and extensions have mastered the art of coloring, especially blonde.

After years of training and experience, she has today become a true expert in formulas and adapted balayage techniques, to obtain pretty coloring on wigs or hair extensions and offers her services to the greatest number.

Elisabeth Sall

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