Koh-Lanta, already 20 years old: an absent flagship candidate, “punished”? Denis Brogniart explains himself!

This year, TF1 and ALP are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Koh Lanta. For the occasion, the production brought together the most emblematic adventurers of the program for an All Stars edition called Koh-Lanta, The Legend. Finally, due to the cheating scandals – illegal dinners, among others – no winner was chosen in the grand finale. A week later, Tuesday December 21, 2021, the front page retraced these twenty years of play in a documentary. The opportunity for several key candidates of the survival program to give their news and react to the most striking sequences of Koh Lanta. But viewers remain skeptical of the absence of a candidate… Neither one nor two, Denis Brogniart explains himself!

In addition to Loïc (Koh-Lanta, The 4 Lands in 2020 then Koh-Lanta, The Legend in 2021) who could not shoot the documentary because he was in Reunion Island on vacation, it is Gregory, seen twice in the game (Koh-Lanta: Palawan in 2007 then Koh-Lanta: The Clash of Heroes which he won in 2010), which was missing. On Twitter, many Internet users have noticed his absence. This is how one of them questions Denis Brogniart. “We never see Grégoire in your recaps. Did he say something wrong? He is punished ?“, he wonders. Without tongue in cheek, the host of TF1 then responds:”Absolutely not, on the contrary. Grégoire is a formidable, honest and formidable adventurer! Corn he moved on without any animosity.“In the process, another Internet user gives some details:”Grégoire made the choice, like many others, to move on to something else, and therefore to refuse to use your image. We won’t see anything of him.“Information confirmed by Denis Brogniart in passing.

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