“Kimiyo”, Alex Henry Foster | The duty

Often, I would pull out one or another album by the group Your Favorite Enemies. What happened to him? Above all, how has its singer and main creator, Alex Henry Foster, been doing since his heart attack? Finding it these days, let’s dare say the word, is like a rebirth. Convalescence, correspondence with a Japanese fan, initiatory journey, reflection on the meaning of a world surrounded by water and filled with so much abused life: the journey was long and fundamental. The result is the album Kimiyo, the first part of a project which will be deployed in the cinema, on several discs. Foster and his newfound accomplice Ben Lemelin have created soundscapes, ambiances, a veritable fresco. The melodies, infinitely sweet, carried by the voice of the singer Momoka Tobari, gradually take their place in the confusion, imposing calm and well-being. The listening experience, frankly overwhelming, takes us out of our bubbles and transports us to the shores of humanity. It’s up to us to follow suit. We try ?

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Alex Henry Foster, Hopeful Tragedy Records

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