Killer whales sink yachts in groups

An orca has decided to get revenge after being hit by a yacht; Since then, Gladis has become a master in the art of training her compatriots to overturn boats, according to researchers.

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The whale has already attacked three boats, destroying two of them, on British territory, in Gibraltar, reports the Telegraph.

Scientists believe Gladis is seeking revenge after suffering a traumatic event, such as colliding with a boat or being stuck in catching nets.

“This traumatized killer whale is the one that triggered this behavior of physical contact with the boat,” Alfredo López Fernandez, a biologist at the University of Aveiro in Portugal and representative of the Atlantic Orca working group, told The Telegraph.

The other orcas began to mimic his behavior.

A couple attacked “in admiration with nature”

On May 2, a group of six predators surprised a Cambridge couple while loading their yacht near Tangier, Morocco.

Janet Morris and Stephen Bidwell, both 58, who were taking a sailing course at the time, say they are “in awe of the power of nature”.

“A clearly larger matriarch was there and seemed to oversee [l’opération]says Mr. Bidwell.

It was “an experience I will never forget.”

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