Karine Le Marchand still pissed off at her exes? She gives them a funny spade…

Karine Le Marchand definitely always has a joke. She who did not hesitate to make a naughty joke in the last episode of Love is in the meadowchose to poke fun at his exes on Monday, August 22, 2022.

Indeed, in the evening, Karine Le Marchand came across an advertisement in the street which gave her some ideas. It was written there:Redemption of wrecks. Certificate of destruction provided“. The pretty 54-year-old brunette then commented with humor: “Do they take the exes back too?“. (See our slideshow).

It must be said that Karine Le Marchand has not always been lucky in her love life. In 2014, on the show The Tube facing Daphne Bürki, she explained falling on “losers”. “I’m a little ‘hyper-demanding’ and I’ve been a ‘nurse’ for a long time. I liked losers, losers, I liked taking care of boys who weren’t doing well and I thought I was going to change them. I understood that we do not change people and that it is better to take directly the one that suits us”she confided.

Perhaps she was then referring to her past relationship with rapper Passi or even with former football player Lilian Thuram, whose separation was stormy and ended in a trial for violence. Subsequently, Karine Le Marchand also attended JoeyStarr in 2018. These two, however, still seem to be on good terms, as evidenced by images captured in June.

Since then, Karine Le Marchand would have remained single, which does not prevent her from being fulfilled. In 2020, for TV 7 days, she assured not to fear loneliness. “I think I’ll be single for a few more years“, she even announced. But the facilitator does not live quite alone since she is accompanied by her daughter Alya, born in November 2002 and fruit of her love with a man “of Jewish-Hungarian descent“but whose identity we do not know.

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