Karine Ferri separated from Yoann Gourcuff after falling in love with Camille Combal? The facilitator unpacks everything!

Camille Combal and Karine Ferri have developed a real bond by working hand in hand. But while the two animators get along wonderfully, could it be that their friendship has changed? Our colleagues from Oops magazine are convinced of this. According to them, the companion of Yoann Gourcuff and the husband of Marie Treille Stefani would have had ” love at first sight ” one for the other. The pretty brunette would have even made the decision to put an end to her marriage to live her romance with her colleague from TF1.

“You had to warn me Karine”

A news that did not fail to react to the latter who, apparently, was not aware that he had started an affair with his sidekick from “Dancing with the stars”. It was in his Instagram story that the host spoke. Visibly in shock, he first posted a photo of the front page of the magazine before letting go: “JI learn it like you… You had to warn me Karine, I don’t know, I have to organize myself”.

For her part, Karine Ferri also reacted with a simple hilarious emoji. Proof that the two animators are not in a relationship and that the situation is laughable. To date, the mother of Claudia and Maël has even preferred to leave the animation of “Dance with the stars”. ” It’s a well-considered decision. Last season went very well and I had a lot of fun. It was a great challenge to see me entrust the reins of the second part of the evening of this program that I particularly like. But I just want to do something else. And it’s always better to leave on a good note “, she explained during an interview for Télé-Loisirs. ” Leaving Danse avec les stars will allow me to free up my time to devote it to lots of new projects. You have to know how to listen to your desires “.


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