Justin Trudeau slams Alberta’s transition policies for trans youth

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasts Alberta’s new proposals on the treatment of trans youth, calling them the “most anti-LGBT” in the country.

Mr. Trudeau believes that if Alberta Premier Danielle Smith really wanted to fight to improve the lives of Canadians, she should instead fight for better housing and affordable groceries, or fight against change climatic.

The Liberal Prime Minister made these comments at a press briefing Friday during his visit to Waterloo, Ontario.

Premier Smith announced on Wednesday a ban on gender affirmation surgery for young people aged 17 and under, and a ban on hormonal therapies for young people aged 15 and under.

The Alberta government will also ban the participation of trans female athletes in women’s competitions.

Doctors and trans rights advocates have called the changes intrusive and harmful to transgender youth.

But Smith says the changes are necessary to ensure young people don’t make life-changing medical decisions that they later regret as adults.

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