Justin Trudeau leaves India after being delayed by plane problem

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally left India on Tuesday after technical problems with a government plane delayed his departure by two days. He is expected to land in Ottawa in the evening, according to his official schedule.

Mr. Trudeau and the Canadian delegation attending the G20 summit in New Delhi were scheduled to leave for Ottawa on Sunday, but the plane was grounded due to a problem discovered during pre-flight checks.

The CC-150 Polaris plane, part of a fleet put into service in the early 1990s, has had problems in recent years and is due to be replaced later this fall.

After the problem was discovered, the Royal Canadian Air Force sent a technician to India with spare parts and also dispatched a backup plane, in case it was needed. The technician was finally able to resolve the issue on the original aircraft.

According to his official schedule, Mr. Trudeau should arrive in Ottawa around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday evening.

For security reasons, the Prime Minister does not travel on commercial flights.

The Liberal caucus began a three-day retreat in London, Ontario on Tuesday. Mr. Trudeau should eventually go there.

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