Justin Trudeau is incompetent, irresponsible and doesn’t care about Quebec

Quebec currently welcomes 55% of asylum seekers present in Canada. Precisely, 160,651 refugees. These are exponential numbers. Never seen.

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Asylum seekers, breaking point

According to the Legault government: “The provision of certain services to asylum seekers has now reached a breaking point.” Minister Drainville says that soon, we will no longer be able to send the children who arrive to school… The federal government is aware of this situation, but does nothing, it is irresponsible.

We opened 1,237 reception classes, the equivalent of 52 schools! We saw it during the teachers’ strike, schools are overflowing, there is a lack of staff and premises. The composition of the class is very much that, children who do not master French and who find themselves too quickly in regular classes.

And what is Justin Trudeau doing? He doesn’t care at all. He listens to the grievances of Quebec and then returns to his business as usual in Toronto or Vancouver… Montreal? Quebec? Pffff… what are these Quebecers complaining about?

  • Listen to political analyst Elsie Lefebvre speaking to Richard Martineau via QUB :
Quebec no longer exists for the federal government

Let’s not be fooled. Quebec’s balance of power against the federal government is zero. Let’s remember Roxham, Quebec was ignored. After years, the only thing that Quebec finally obtained was federal agreement to move certain refugees to other provinces.

After just a few weeks, Ontario mayors said that they already couldn’t take it anymore… Ontario complained, Trudeau immediately closed Roxham Road, Quebec complained, we didn’t care for years. We even built a fake customs house in a forest to facilitate arrivals. As a bonus, Quebecers are called racists…

  • Listen to political analyst Elsie Lefebvre speaking to Richard Martineau via QUB :
Fake tourist visas

You should know that following the closure of Roxham, in the same month, the federal government changed the rules for obtaining tourist visas. This explains the current rush at Trudeau Airport. Foreigners can now easily obtain a tourist visa and as soon as they set foot on Canadian soil, they claim refugee status… thousands of them have found the loophole. These are called “false refugees”.

Restoring visas for Mexicans may be complex, but for other countries (+50% of applicants) it can be done in one day. It is therefore completely incomprehensible that the Trudeau government does not act.

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