Judicial investigation | Alain Delon victim of moral harassment?

(Montargis) Twenty-four hours after the complaints filed by the three children of Alain Delon, a preliminary investigation was opened against the companion of the cinema monument, in particular for acts of moral harassment.

This investigation was entrusted to the Orleans Research Section and the Montargis Research Brigade, announced Thursday the public prosecutor of Montargis, Jean-Cédric Gaux.

On Wednesday, the prosecution was “recipient of two complaints from the Delon family” against Hiromi Rollin, designated as the “companion woman” of the sacred monster, 87 years old.

The first complaint, dated Tuesday and submitted by the council of Alain Delon’s three children (Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien), targets facts of “moral harassment, misappropriation of correspondence and animal abuse”, according to the magistrate.

The children denounce there “the denigrating and aggressive attitude” of Mme Rollin against Alain Delon and his children, as well as “his actions tending to capture for his benefit the letters and telephone messages of the latter and the blows to Alain Delon’s dog”.

“By declaration signed and attached to the complaint, it was indicated that Alain Delon associated himself with it”, according to the press release.

A second complaint was filed Monday by the eldest son, Anthony Delon, in a Paris police station, also targeting this companion for acts of “moral harassment, violence against vulnerable people, abuse of weakness and act of cruelty towards an animal “.

Delon Children’s Lawyer, M.e Christophe Ayela, had indicated on Wednesday that “since the cardiovascular accident of Mr. Alain Delon intervened in 2019”, this person “who settled in his home is more and more aggressive, denigrating and offensive towards him, and towards his children.

She “never ceases to isolate Alain Delon from his relatives, his friends, and his family, using maneuvers and threats”, according to the council.

By his side

In a press release released on Wednesday, Anthony Delon believed that the situation in two years has taken “such proportions” that his father himself asked Mr.me Rollin that she is leaving the Douchy residence, which he acquired in the 1970s.

Hiromi Rollin has not spoken so far.

Discreet, this sexagenarian worked as an assistant director for several films in the 80s and 90s, including Evening dress, All the mornings of the world And The return of Casanova…with Alain Delon in the title role.

In 2021, he presented her as his “Japanese companion” in a documentary on TV5 Monde and praised her presence “throughout (his) recovery”. She was seen at his side during the funeral of his cinema accomplice, Jean-Paul Belmondo, in September 2021 and accompanied him in the spring to the preview of a film by his son Alain-Fabien.

7 icone art, magnetic actor with movies like Cheetah, full sun And The SamuraiAlain Delon has been extremely rare in the cinema since the end of the 90s.

He returned to taste the lights of the red carpet in Cannes in May 2019 to receive an honorary Palme d’Or, between tears and speeches with testamentary accents, a few weeks before his stroke.

A huge collector, he made headlines at the end of June when he parted with 80 works of art, for more than 8 million euros ($11.6 million).

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