Jordan (Les Ch’tis) reveals the surprising date of his conversion to Islam

In 2019, Jordan Faelens

surprised everyone by announcing his marriage to his community. On his Instagram account, the former candidate of Ch’tispublished numerous photos of the ceremony, taking care to hide the identity of the lucky lady. But one detail really caught the attention of Internet users. The clothes worn by Jordan, as well as the caption used for his publication. Dressed in traditional Muslim clothing with his wife and mother, fans of the ex-candidate of the Ch’tis understood that the latter had converted to Islam. “I thank God for putting me on the best path with the best woman in my eyes. Alone we go faster, but together we go further”he wrote in particular.

In fact, some thought that the former candidate of Ch’tisconverted to Islam out of love, and not really out of conviction. This Wednesday, January 10, 2024, he brushed aside this unfounded rumor during his visit to Sam Zirah. In an interview published on the journalist’s TikTok account, Jordan Faelens revealed the period during which he decided to convert. “Did you convert to Islam during your former relationship or was it before?”the journalist asked him.

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Jordan Faelens, already converted during the “Ch’tis” era

“Oh no !”retorted the main person concerned before revealing: “It was 8 years ago already.” It’s even “at the time of the Ch’tis”that he converted but “didn’t talk about it.” “I assume that it’s something personal. Then sometimes I show it, but in the sense that ‘if I can do it, you can too’he justified himself.

The opportunity for Sam Zirah to discuss certain reality TV candidates who are also converted to Islam but who are sometimes criticized for putting too much emphasis on their religion. “I’m asking you because the Muslim religion is often highlighted by reality TV candidates”the journalist continued before Jordan admitted: “I completely agree. In fact, it has become a business for certain people. Some girls will use it to sell products or something else. For me, in any religion, you live it for you and not for others”. Jordan therefore prefers to live his religion for himself and not share it publicly.


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