Jordan Bardella in… European campaign?



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Agricultural Show: Jordan Bardella in the… European countryside?

Agricultural Show: Jordan Bardella in the… European countryside? – (France 2)

The Agricultural Show allows the parties to sharpen their arguments. Just over three months before the European elections, the crisis in the sector is sharpening the parties’ arguments. Sunday February 25, the RN candidate, Jordan Bardella, went there

Seduction operation, and selfies everywhere. This Sunday, February 25 at the Agricultural Show, the president of the National Rally (RN), Jordan Bardella, multiplied the smiles and played the comparison with the eventful arrival of the day before for the head of state. Ludivine Laforest, a caregiver, had come specially to see him. “When Jordan (…) was talking with the farmers there were no whistles, no howls, it was much calmer”she observes. “As a farmer, I’m very happy to see him there”declares Jean-Philippe Yan, president of the Manche Rural Coordination.

A scent of the countryside

The day before, the head of state attacked the National Rally. The party president responded to him in the aisles, several times. “I think he is suffering not only from schizophrenia which is worrying, but from a form of conspiracy and paranoid drift which is very worrying when you are the President of the French Republic and you have in your hands nuclear weapon”, said Jordan Bardella. Almost three months before the European elections, a scent of campaign is taking hold. Once Jordan Bardella left, Gabriel Attal invited himself to the Agricultural Show in the evening.

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