Joelle Morosoli | Reflection and fears about nature

The Val-David Exhibition Center presents, until April 30, the exhibition From cage to fledgling Eco/trap, by Joëlle Morosoli, curated by Manon Regimbald. A kinetic nature exhibit, just in time for Earth Day on Saturday.

Joëlle Morosoli, a Quebec artist who has been interested in movement as a material for almost 40 years, returns with an exhibition that illustrates the human hold on nature, a subject that worries her enormously. “With inaction, the fear is that there will only be landscape artifacts left to admire in museums,” she says. This installation/landscape is intended as a hymn to nature before it disappears to become an art object. »

The Val-David Exhibition Center has thus been partly transformed into a greenhouse where weeds unfurl gently, as if animated by a breeze that makes them quiver.

Their movement evokes the wind that makes the grass dance in a slow rhythm. The different lengths of colors painted on the grass are so many colored notes that punctuate the installation like a song of wheat.

Joelle Morosoli

Poetics is the work of Joëlle Morosoli, an artist of public art as much as of universal challenges. In her work – which she designs technically with her partner Rolf Morosoli – she manages with rhythms and sensations to express a world of magic and play. An atmosphere that you have to know how to decipher. Because she loves the principle of discovery and wonder.

common thread

For this exhibition, she quotes a few sentences from the book gold letters, by the writer Christian Bobin. Words that describe well the atmosphere she tries to create with her immersive installations: “ There is a time when it is no longer day, and it is not yet night. […] It is only then that one can begin to look at things, or one’s life: it is because we need a little darkness to see well, being ourselves composed of light. and dark. »

The exhibition center also presents works by Véronique La Perrière M. and Raphaël Biscotti. For curator Manon Regimbald, the three bodies of these artists are linked by the same common thread. “Interdependent, these three generations of artists show multiple points of view to consider our relationship with nature and all its complexity,” says Regimbald. Vital link how fundamental well beyond all the innumerable COPs. We are of this nature, simple stardust among many others. And to see nature, to take care of it, is to take care of us. »

On the occasion of Earth Day, Saturday, the three artists will welcome visitors from 2 p.m.

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