Jérémy’s best man in “Married at First Sight” knows the future bride well

This is the twist of the evening. Episode five of this 8th season of Married at First Sight this Monday, April 15, opens with the meeting and marriage of a new couple: it is Marie and Jérémy, 82% compatible.

While the chemistry seems obvious between the two future newlyweds, who quickly get to know each other, just before saying yes, the revelation of a friend of Jérémy, could completely change the course of history.

“I know her”

Several minutes after the meeting of the two candidates, Thibaut, one of Jérémy’s friends and witness, discreetly said to the relatives of the young man sitting next to him: “I know her !” and the latter seems very embarrassed. Asked by a friend: “you know her, like well?“, the young man responds simply “Shh!

And the uneasiness intensifies when Marie turns to greet Jérémy’s loved ones. When she realizes the presence of this boy whom she seems to know well, the young woman completely loses his means and stammers. “Don’t worry, it was the same for me too when I arrived, take your time.” Jérémy tells him, who doesn’t yet know the situation.

“Did you get drunk?”

Marie and Jérémy say yes to each other and continue to get to know each other in the car which takes them to the location of the photo shoot where the connection between the two newlyweds is fluid, both are happier than ever to see such strong compatibility between them.

At the meal location with their loved ones, some of Marie and Jérémy’s friends discuss it. “That someone from us already knew the bride, it had to be done!” slips one of them.

The meal continues and the two newlyweds discuss their guests. “Who’s next to Thibaut?” asks Marie to her husband. “It’s Max“replies Jérémy”but Thibaut, do you know him?” he retorts. His wife remains very evasive”yeah, end of it… “, Jérémy then continues: “you know him by sight, what?” “No no” replies Marie, a barista by trade, rather embarrassed.

But everything could change during next week’s episode with the few images of the teaser that M6 offers at the end of the evening. “VShow Will Jérémy react to Marie’s revelations about her past history with Thibaut, her witness?” asks the show’s voiceover.

In a joking tone, Jérémy says to Marie “did you lose yourself? No I’m kidding…“, the latter laughs and does not respond, “maybe” he ends up saying as we see him asking his friend and witness Thibaut if the two men can talk to each other.

Viewers can then hear Jérémy say: “it was one of the only reasons why I could say no: if it was a friend’s ex or someone I had seen in the past…

The sixth episode of Married at first sight promises to be full of tensions and revelations. Available from Monday April 22 at 9:10 p.m. on M6.

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