Jérémy Platini, cheese maker in Vincennes in the Val-de-Marne

Those who like Munster know that it is difficult to find a tasty farm cheese. Florent Campello, from the Rothenbach farm in Haut-Rhin, uses cows from the Vosges to produce his Munster. Jérémy Platini cheese maker in Vincennes, is proud to have found this rare bird.

Pumpkin Munster pizza

My extra thing with a munster is not to hesitate to heat it up. I make a kind of pizza with pumpkin. The pumpkin I cook in cubes, in the oven, with olive oil and salt. Once the pumpkin is cooked, I like to add – to have a little sweetness – Roscoff onion. All on the pizza dough and I add slices of munster. Make according to your taste. I always put too much on (laughs). In the oven at 200 degrees, 15-20 minutes… with a green salad, it’s extraordinary!

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