Jennifer Larivière (Married at first sight) formalizes with Bruno and settles accounts with her ex Alicia!

Last May, one of the most popular couples of the sixth season of “Married at First Sight” on M6 announced their breakup. Indeed, Alicia and Bruno, yet so close on the screen and on social networks, have chosen to separate. But the young man seems to have quickly found his shoe. The proof with a snapshot published by Jennifer Larivière, candidate of the same season as the ex-lovebirds, in the building hall… of Bruno.

It did not take less to arouse suspicion, but none of the main parties concerned has spoken so far to formalize a possible idyll… until Monday, June 26. Indeed, questioned by our colleagues from TV MagazineJennifer Larivière admitted that a rapprochement took place between her and Bruno. “With Bruno, we actually got closer. We didn’t want to hide it but we also wanted to take the time before announcing it”she revealed putting, in fact, an end to all the rumors.

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Love at first sight with Bruno… almost by chance

Eddy’s ex later continued: “We have become public figures since our participation in “Married at first sight”, there is a legitimate curiosity of the people who follow us and our relationship was in danger of leaking on social networks without our being able to control it. So, today today, in agreement with Bruno, I prefer to say things clearly”.

A way to put an end to all the stories and be able to show off and live your love without having to hide. But how did their rapprochement take place? “Personally, I had met someone some time ago and was coming out of a relationship breakup. I had not planned to relive a relationship so quickly, neither with Bruno nor with anyone else”, assured the young woman. But Bruno had just separated from Alicia and the two found themselves single at the same time: “It fell on us, we hadn’t planned anything. We don’t know what the future will bring, we fully assume our relationship”.

Jennifer Larivière, not at war with Alicia, however

Regarding Alicia, the former candidate of “Married at First Sight” ensure to be “open to discussion”. However, she tells our colleagues that her reaction has “caused a wave of hatred in [son] regard”. Since then, she receives “lots of nasty messages”.

But that doesn’t mean she wishes him bad luck, quite the contrary: “Personally, I want her to be happy and at peace with herself”. And for some fans, having thought that the two blondes had a good relationship after the shooting, that would be totally false, as Jennifer Larivière wanted to point out: “We had met only once during the recording of the very last program of “Married at first sight” a year ago. I kept in touch and I regularly exchange messages with candidates from my season but Alicia is not one of them”.


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