Jean-Marie Le Pen, aged 95, placed “under legal protection regime”

The three daughters of the founder of the National Front, including Marine Le Pen, now manage their father’s interests.



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Jean-Marie Le Pen, February 2, 2022 at his home, in Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine).  (JOEL SAGET / AFP)

Jean-Marie Le Pen, aged 95, was placed “under legal protection”. This was made known by the vice-president of the party he founded, Louis Aliot, on Wednesday April 3, confirming information from RMC. The founder of the National Front (now the National Rally) was the subject of a future protection mandate in mid-February, explained his lawyer François Wagner, a civil provision which is similar to guardianship.

The future protection mandate allows one or more people to be designated in advance to represent the agent on the day he or she will no longer be able to manage his or her interests, details the website. The purpose of this assistance may be assistance in personal life and/or the management of all or part of an estate. In the case of Jean-Marie Le Pen, his three daughters – Marine, Marie-Caroline and Yann – now manage their father’s interests, details RMC.

Can this measure prevent Jean-Marie Le Pen from appearing in court next September, when he is, with 26 other people linked to the RN, suspected of having participated in a system of embezzlement of European public funds between 2004 and 2016? “He is a man who is tired. He is now under legal protection and it is his children who participate in the management of his affairs. I think that the court will have to pronounce a measure stating that he cannot neither render or testify at this trial”estimated Louis Aliot on RMC.

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