Jean-Hugues Anglade: This companion with whom he experienced a terrible hostage-taking

This Friday July 29, 2022, Jean-Hugues Anglade celebrates his 67th birthday. The actor father of two children, Pierre-Louis and Emile – fruits of his love with Mali Lecomte – is a fulfilled man. If we do not know if he is still in a relationship with his last known girlfriend Charlotte Leloup, he lived with her an episode that he is not about to forget. In August 2015, the actor of 37.2° in the morning was in the Thalys, which connects Amsterdam to Paris in particular, with his two sons and his girlfriend journalist reporter for Paris Match. That day, they were confronted with an attempted hostage-taking.

It was August 21 and there was an aborted terrorist attempt by firearms which took place on board Thalys train nᵒ 9364 connecting Amsterdam to Paris on the LGV Nord line, while it was in the vicinity of the town of Oignies (Pas-de-Calais). On board, the actor Jean-Hugues Anglade was very scared, accompanied by Charlotte Leloup, his companion, but also his two sons. She had delivered on this traumatic episode in Paris Match. “I see Jean-Hugues tackling his children to try to shield his body. […] JI see blood dripping on my mate’s shoe“, she said. For his part, Jean-Hugues Anglade had delivered a strong and detailed account in court.

This radical decision which “shocked him a lot”

This episode in the Thalys attacked by Ayoub El Khazzani, armed with a Kalashnikov and nearly 300 rounds of ammunition, unsurprisingly marked him forever. The movie actor The big bath has explained : “A woman ran into our car screaming ‘He’s shooting people, he’s shooting peoplehe shoots’.“At this announcement, a controller and two catering hostesses then rushed into the “van”, a room that locks from the inside. And while passengers tried to follow the movement, with children, knocking on the door to try to take refuge there.”They did not want. We could have at least kept the children safe. It shocked me a lot“, he made it known. “We stayed there, alone, abandoned, helpless. Hence my dissatisfaction. We were cornered like a mousetrap“, continued Jean-Hugues Anglade. “We thought it was carnage. I was more myself, I was like an animal trying to escape its predator“, he finally admitted, according to comments reported by AFP.

During this attack, Jean-Hugues Anglade was slightly injured in the hand by breaking a window protecting an alarm button. He was later able to meet Spencer Stone at the hospital, the American Air Force soldier who avoided a probable massacre on the train and threw himself on the shooter.

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