Javier Milei, a regular at diplomatic incidents

Madrid is demanding an apology from Argentina for the comments of its president, who described the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister as “corrupt”. But Javier Milei refuses to apologize.


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Argentine President Javier Milei on May 19, 2024, in Madrid, Spain.  (CESAR LUIS DE LUCA / DPA)

Diplomatic scandal between Spain and Argentina: Argentine President Javier Milei called the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez a “corrupt” during the meeting of the Spanish far right in Madrid. This statement has increased tension between the two countries and could have serious political and economic consequences. However, this is not the first time that the Argentine head of state has been on the verge of severing diplomatic relations with another country. In six months of government, Milei has already fallen out with six countries.

“When you have a corrupt wife, you get dirty and you take five days to think about it”. This little sentence, applauded by the far right but repudiated by the whole world and by the Argentinians, raises fears of diplomatic isolation.

During an interview Tuesday, May 21 on an Argentine television channel, Ricardo Alfonsin, former Argentine ambassador to Spain, appeared stunned. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Our reputation has been affected not only in the European Union, but in the whole world. The Argentine embassy in Spain will have to work a lot to bring the two camps together. Because one of the most important missions of embassies is the political mission, and dialogue with the World Bank, the European Commission, the United Nations. And for that, you obviously need to have good relationships.” he explained on the air.

In six months of government, Javier Milei almost broke relations with China, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela by describing their presidents as “corrupt communists”, “ignorant” Or “assassins”. On Tuesday, Spain permanently withdrew its ambassador from Buenos Aires and major Spanish investors expressed their rejection of Milei’s radical remarks. Despite everything, the Argentine president said he would not apologize to the Spanish government.

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