James Blunt arrives at the “Star Academy” castle, Robbie Williams gets tackled

Very involved artists. This year, Julien, Axel, Margot, and even Lénie, have James Blunt

and Vitaa for godfather and godmother to the star Academy. Very often, this title does not mean much to the chosen artists. The proof, with Robbie Williams, godfather of the previous promotion and present only once in the show during the final. However, for James Blunt and Vitaa, that means a lot. Indeed, the 49-year-old artist honored the students with his presence at the launch of the new season on November 4, 2023, while Slimane’s sidekick went to the castle on November 20.

While Robbie Williams simply sent a video message to wish his godchildren good luck last year, James Blunt, he wanted to be present for the start of this great adventure. Viewers and candidates were very surprised when, a week later, the interpreter of You’re Beautifulonce again appeared on the show hosted by Nikos Aliagas, on November 17 for the second edition bonus.

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James Blunt, still present for the students of the Star Academy

Visibly honored and very happy with his role, the singer surprised everyone again this Tuesday, November 28, 2023 when he visited the students at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. A new presence which did not fail to provoke a reaction on the Web. Many Internet users have welcomed the investment of James Bluntand took the opportunity to tackle Robbie Williams.

“Even an international artist like James Blunt, if he has the desire, can show himself to be involved, coming to the prime and to the castle in barely a month of programming. Far from the poor usefulness of Robbie Williams, last year”, “James Blunt is so much more involved than Robbie Williams lol”, “it traumatized them to be told that Robbie Williams was useless as a godfather, now we have a very present godfather and godmother and it’s great! it’s cool that james blunt is so involved even though he doesn’t live in France”many Internet users rejoiced.


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