Jacques Cardoze very little appreciated by Ludivine Rétory: “You know, sometimes…”

She continues to participate in Cyril Hanouna’s show, Touche pas à mon poste, on C8, at least 4 times a month, and more, when her boss calls her. And Ludivine Retory is not really thrilled with the new team that Baba chose last school year… Invited on the set of “Chez Jordan”, this December 8, 2023, the buxom columnist explained, without filters: “I don’t have much affinity with perhaps the new ones this year, such as Jacques Cardoze. It’s not too much, no. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s that I don’t even try to do so that it goes by. No, but it’s cordial…”

“Cardoze, I don’t know, I feel things”

For comparison, the paf star assures: “There are some that I love with love. Valérie (Bénaïm), Géraldine (Maillet), Kelly (Vedovelli), those are almost sisters. But there you go, we are very close off the air, even. Moundir I liked Cardoze, I don’t know, I feel things… We’re not meant to be friends. No, but it’s true, but it’s not bad, you know sometimes there are feelings with people and no others“.

Big crush for Pascale de la Tour du Pin

Fortunately with the new host, Pascale de la Tour du Pin, Cyril Hanouna’s joker, the flow is going much better! And Ludivine Retory is full of praise for the 46-year-old journalist. She states: “I adore her, this girl is a love. Same, I had preconceptions and I told her Pascale, I thought you were austere, I thought you were the journalist who came to us from BFMTV. And the girl, she’s crazy, after a week, we had the impression that she had always been in the mood, that she had always been part of H2O. She reveals herself, she is caring, cultured, professional in what she does, she’s intelligent, she doesn’t crush others. I love the girl, I love her a lot.”


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