Jacques Brel’s children rejected by the artist? Terrible confessions at Faustine Bollaert

Being a “son of” is not always easy. It is already difficult to live with the notoriety of your father or mother. But in addition to that, the sons and daughters of stars do not always take advantage of their parents, in particular because of the latter’s busy schedule or for various reasons. France Brel wanted to bear witness to his complicated relationship with his father Jacques Brel

during his visit to Faustine Bollaert inIt starts today,

this Monday, December 18, 2023.

Facing the companion of Maxime Chattam, the daughter of the artist who died on October 9, 1978, invited on the occasion of the issue Legacy of stars, how to keep their memory alive?, did not show any language. When the host asked him which father Jacques Brel

was it for her and her sisters Isabelle and Chantal, France Brel made a terrible confession. He wasn’t interested at all!”she said, arousing astonishment on the set and in particular among Faustine Bollaert.

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A father who was not loving enough, but who instilled many values

Faced with this astonishment, France Brel clarified that the paternity was heavy for him (Jacques Brel)”. For Jacques Brelhaving children was “heavy for him”: “because in fact, his way when he was younger of saying to himself: ‘What am I going to do on this planet?’ it’s to tell yourself that he really doesn’t want to grow old and I especially don’t want to not become an adult. Fatherhood being part of this happy broth… And so, he was very uncomfortable with that.”

Despite this difficult relationship with fatherhood, Jacques Brel Was he a loving father to his daughters? He wasn’t interested in us! He was interested in others…”then revealed France Brel, always so frank. Despite everything, she retains certain values ​​that her father instilled in her. For her, in the paternal role, to be a “model” is very important. “I believe that a father can, in his own way, and in a different way for everyone, show something. And in that sense, he was an extraordinary father because he showed me the fact that in life you have to want, not count on anyone and do it!”, she concluded. A way of proving that, despite everything, she retains a lot of positive in her relationship with her father.


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