It’s not a joke, you now have to pay to ensure you get a hug with Youppi

At first I thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but it’s December. Then I told myself that a hacker had taken control of the Canadian’s website. But no, it’s true, CH is now asking $195 to see Youppi during a match.

It was the site Danslescoulisses which spotted this unthinkable marketing idea from the Canadian and wrote a text about it on Saturday morning.

I almost choked when I went to the Canadiens website to see that it wasn’t a joke. In fact, here is what the CH is proposing. You must purchase a pair of tickets that are not on resale and the option is offered to you.

It’s called the “Youppi Fur Madness” and it costs $195 (+ taxes) on top of the price of your tickets. The name is quite well chosen. This is indeed madness. Here’s what it means: “Book a personalized tour of the incomparable Youppi! to your seat! The meeting includes a Youppi! themed gift bag! worth more than $75.

Screenshot of Canadian NHL website

You can even choose the period when you want your visit.

That doesn’t include two hotdogs, two apple juices or slices of pizza or popcorn.

The opposite of the role of the mascot

I was speaking with Rodger Brulotte recently. He was one of those who created Youppi during his time with the Expos. He explained to me how he wanted the mascot to be one that children wanted to hug.

Sorry Rodger, but even if the kids want to hug her, let’s hope Mom or Dad unfolded two $100 bills.

Otherwise, you’ll have to be lucky to try to meet Youppi during the match, because he could have too many $200 dates.

It’s the absolute opposite of a mascot. It seems to me that a mascot is precisely accessible, it is a tool to bring the team closer to the fans, especially young fans.

There, we make it inaccessible and we distance it from those who already have a lot of money to go to a match, but not enough to have even more.

Aren’t we asking enough already?

It’s like I refuse to believe any of this is true, it’s so sad and insane. A large and prestigious organization like the Canadian, which is worth around $2.5 billion, and which decides… to monetize the hugs of its mascot to make even more money.

Aren’t we asking enough of the fans already?

The ghosts of the banners hanging from the ceiling must be discouraged.

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