its impressive gift budget per child is controversial

Before finding fame on social networks, Amandine Pellissard went through many trials. Aware of the difficult years she endured, the mother decided not to limit herself. Now, her goal is clear: to enjoy life and offer her children an existence full of dreams and happiness.

During this holiday season, Alexandre’s wife intends to please her kids. Very active on Instagram, she recently revealed her Christmas gift budget. A budget of approximately “500 euros not a child”. “Afterwards, we spread it out. It’s not like we’re buying everything at once,” said the former star of the show Large families: life in XXL.

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Amandine Pellissard in the sights of Internet users

If the eldest sibling is entitled to a single gift worth 800 euros, his younger siblings, for their part, will have many more presents under the tree. “A gift is more expensive than for his brothers and sisters. So, obviously, you’re not going to give 15 gifts,” added the mother of nine children. And to conclude: “It’s not a question of numbers. Just to accede to the children’s requests […] as long as they have what they want and they’re happy, that’s the main thing.”

Surprised by Amandine Pellissard’s confidences, many Internet users reacted. 500 euros per child is excessive”, “No, sorry but I’m not… Giving them too much doesn’t teach them the value of money… From my point of view!”, “500 euros per child is enormous” , “I can and I find that there is no point in having 15 gifts at once. I prefer to spread it out over the year, so there is a rotation in the games.”, could we read under a video posted on TikTok. Criticisms to which the main interested party did not wish to respond.


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