“It’s absolutely unbearable”, Faustine Bollaert steps up to the plate in “C à vous”

A report that promises to be moving. Tuesday November 7, 2023, Faustine Bollaert

will reveal the hell experienced by many children through a heartbreaking report. Titled School bullying: breaking the silencethis documentary will allow Maxime Chattam’s partner to interview young people who have not yet reached the age of majority and who are harassed daily at their school.
Invited this Friday, November 3 in C to you

to promote her work, the host returned to the difficult times she had to face during the filming of this documentary.

“The suffering you witnessed obviously upset you, moved you to tears, but also made you angry?”asked Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine before the guest answered: “Yes, angry, upset, I admit, because we still spent two days listening to these extremely rare words. We are talking about 11 year old children, we have difficulty realizing it […] It is difficult to detect the discrepancy between these words of incredible violence and these actions of these children.”. Maxime Chattam’s companion remembers, for example, Gabriel, a 13-year-old child who tells her how he ended up having to open his veins “he could no longer stand the daily insults”. A little boy treated “of monkey, of bamboola”, to whom we “throw your stuff in the trash…”

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Faustine Bollaert angry at the distress of children

“And it is absolutely unbearable for the mother that I am, but above all simply for the citizen […] What courage on their part to come and speak…” continued the host, still upset by the story. According to her, children who are victims of harassment “don’t know that they are victims of harassment”. “Very often, they have difficulty putting the facts into words. Very often, they do not even know that it is a crime”also noted Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

“Exactly, that’s why it’s important to highlight and dissect the mechanism of harassment a little”confirmed Faustine Bollaert. The latter deplores the fact that children are not listened to when they talk about their problems: “I have children who tell me: ‘but when I speak to my parents, nothing happens, when I speak at school, nothing happens, when I speak to the police, nothing is happening’… what is left for them? To attack themselves. They can no longer bear suffering on a daily basis.”. According to the facilitator, 60% of children have already had suicidal thoughts. “We’re talking about children hanging themselves, sorry, but with their Harry Potter tie on the skylight of a house… it’s unbearable”she concluded, upset and very upset.


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