“It’s a disaster”, Cyril Hanouna explains why “we can’t win” with Slimane at Eurovision

Will France, or at least can it, win the Eurovision contest, the 68th edition of which will take place on May 11? This is the question that animated the debates of Do not touch My TV this April 15. And a rare thing: unanimity invaded the stage. All the columnists, as well as Cyril Hanouna, agreed to affirm that Slimane’s song, “My love”, was a real success. The host had already mentioned it that same morning in Culture Mediathe Europe 1 media show. “In life, it’s a guy’s love. Everyone loves Slimane. It’s a very good idea, the sound is very good”then supported Cyril Hanouna, before revealing that it was impossible, or at least undesirable, for the singer to win.

“We can’t win because it’s very complicated. When I hosted with Stéphane Bern, the people on the channel told me that the ideal was to finish second or third because we are racing until the end. END. Finishing first is a disaster because we have to organize the following year and that costs a lot of money. The show in Russia where I went cost 32 million euros to do. If we do that here, we close everything, there is no more Nagui, no more broadcasts”explains Cyril Hanouna.

“Let’s stop the charade!”

Enough to annoy Gilles Verdez, who then questions the usefulness for France of participating in the competition. “Let’s stop the charade!” first plagues the chronicler. Before continuing: “What bothers me, if we can’t win, is that there is a bogus side, there is a side of ‘we’re going but we’re sure to lose’. If it’s a winning machine, lose, if we never win again, but what the hell are we going to do there?then exclaims Gilles Verdez.

The columnist is then joined in his diatribe by Bernard Montiel, leaving the two columnists to recall the habits and customs of Eurovision votes: “It’s true that very few countries support us. The countries of the former USSR vote among themselves. The Scandinavian countries vote among themselves, the same for the Anglo-Saxon countries. And we, there is only Belgium who gives us three points like idiots !” It remains to be seen whether this prediction will actually apply during the competition, Cyril Hanouna predicted a top 10 for the French candidate, where the bookmakers are currently predicting a more optimistic sixth place.

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