Italy: the pasture mafia



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In Italy, scammers are hijacking aid dedicated to sheep breeders. It’s called the pasture mafia.

Abruzzo is one of the least populated regions of Italy. But for years, pastures have been the scene of worrying phenomena, such as in 2020, when a former municipal councilor found several sheep carcasses. The animals had died of hunger or cold, abandonedyou’re in the heights. This can be explained by the fact ofbreeders crooks increasingly present in the region who seek to have land to receive funds Europeans.

150 million invested each year

Business is increasing in the region. The press talks about a mafia organization. The scam was set up from 2005. Until there, it was necessary to justify a production volume to obtain aid. The more milk a farmer produced, the more money there was. From now on, the breeder is helped according to the hectares he farms. The most importantnt is to have surface area. Every year, Europe injects 150 million euros into Abruzzo agriculture.

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