“It was complicated”, “The suffering”, “Not a good memory at all”, Faustine Bollaert lets loose on Guillaume Pley

An emblematic figure of the French audiovisual landscape,
Faustine Bollaert
has been working with France Télévisions for years. Four years before hosting It starts today on France 2, the wife of Maxime Chattam was also in charge of

Rising Star
A show that she presented alongside Guillaume Pley. Unfortunately, the adventure quickly ended since the channel chose to deprogram the show after only a few months on the air.

Guest of Media culture on Europe 1 this Thursday March 14, 2024, Laurent Karila’s sidekick returned to this failure. The opportunity for her to make some revelations concerning her duo with the videographer. I was really expected at the turn because they had looked all over Paris for a leader, a leader […] In the end, they didn’t find it, they tried to approach everyone so they said to themselves: ‘We’re going to make two animators who will make someone great’.” she confided. At the time, the audiences were unfortunately not up to par.

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“It was a bit of suffering”

“I think at the time it was just our parents watching,” added Faustine Bollaert before mentioning her partner. “I presented with Guillaume Pley with whom It was also a little complicated… I don’t have good memories at all, apart from with our jury, but it was a bit painful. We knew it wasn’t working. […] One day, the digital wall that was supposed to go up collapsed. We were live. I remember in my headset, the producer (…) who said to me: ‘You know, when it doesn’t want, it doesn’t want'”.

For the facilitator, the experience was particularly “humiliating”. “A big disappointment because I didn’t experience it well, the filming didn’t go well. I experienced something ugly from start to finish […] it was a bit humiliating […] When it crashed, a lot of people said it was because we weren’t strong enough […] When you start at 4 million, and you end up with nothing, you know it’s all gone. Simply, when there are 5 or 6 shows to shoot afterwards, you are going to the scaffold“, she assured in the podcast InPower last September. Since then, Faustine Bollaert has gotten back on track!


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