“It really pissed me off!”, in “PAF”, Sandrine Quetier reveals what she could no longer stand in her collaboration with Nikos Aliagas!

This Friday, September 22, 2023, Pascale de La Tour du Pin hosted a new issue of the PAF show on C8. This time, the host was in the company of Isabelle Morini Bosc and Sasha Elbaz. Together, the fine team first discussed the most notable TV moments of the week before welcoming Sandrine Quétier, today’s guest.

In full promotion of Simon Coleman, series in which she plays Noémie Lefèvre and whose second episode of season 1 will be broadcast this Friday at 9:10 p.m., the former host agreed to come on the set. An opportunity for her to look back on her career on television and the way in which she chose to leave everything to realize her dream of becoming an actress.

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Sandrine Quétier very close to Nikos Aliagas

After talking at length about her journey, the pretty brunette also discussed her friendship with Nikos Aliagas. We talk very regularly, we see each other”she confided before Sasha Elbaz threw out the nickname that the star of the star Academy still gives to his former partner. According to him, Sandrine Quétier would be called “pecker”. An affectionate little name that refers to his last name.

“It’s been following me since school, but yes, he calls me that”, she confirmed. And Sasha Elbaz continues: Is it a rumor Sandrine, Nikos was always late for filming and that annoyed you? A question to which the actress answered in the affirmative. No, it’s not a rumor. It really pissed me off. We were an old couple. But he knows it. Nikos still has a diary in which he must fit 26 hours into 2 hours. I don’t know how he does it, but he regularly arrived late and yes I complained.” Touching declarations.


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