“It looks strangely like the Bataclan”, Vianney threatened with death after an outrage tweet

Speaking out these days can get you into a lot of trouble. Personalities are unfortunately in the best position to testify to this. Indeed, at present, giving one’s opinion, paying tribute to victims, or denouncing certain facts, can give rise to a significant wave of hatred or even death threats. Vianney recently paid the price.

The 32-year-old singer was invited by Léa Salamé on her morning show on France Inter this Tuesday, November 7, 2023. In addition to shouting his love for his country of France, the one who made the choice to stop the stage for a few years and devote himself to his family, wanted to return to the Israeli-Israeli conflict. Palestinian. As a preamble, the interpreter of Not here deplored a “rising susceptibility”. “You can offend everyone with a little sentence. Even me when I go to speak somewhere, I know that there is a given moment when without meaning to, everything can go wrong”he regretted before continuing: “Because there is a crazy ambient susceptibility. I don’t know what it’s due to. I’m not good at analyzing myself.”.

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Vianney threatened with death after a tribute

The opportunity for Léa Salamé to bounce back and recall that a few years ago, many artists did not hesitate to commit to society. “Jean-Jacques Goldman, Don’t touch my friend, the Restos du Coeur, it’s true that all artists are afraid”notes the journalist before asking her guest if this situation does not frustrate him. Vianney then seized the opportunity and took the opportunity to make a chilling revelation.

The artist recalled sharing a tribute on October 7 after the Hamas attack. “But it seemed normal to me, I didn’t think about it. At one point there are people who are decapitated, disemboweled, killed,… it strangely resembles something we experienced at the Bataclan, so I share a tribute”, he confided. However, following this tribute, Vianney has “received thousands of death threats”. “Threats of raping my wife… there is still crazy violence. This is why I understand the fear of my colleagues who have difficulty expressing themselves”, he admits painedly. Despite the threats received, the artist assures that he will always remain in “empathy” if there is “the emotion in front of us”and that he will always put “fear aside” and this, even if it must be “placed under protection”as he has already experienced.


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