“It is unacceptable not to apply the law when it is voted by the national representation,” reacts RN deputy Jean-Philippe Tanguy

“What these left-wing personalities are claiming, both mayors and departmental councilors, is illegal,” judge Jean-Philippe Tanguy, Thursday December 21 on franceinfo.


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Jean-Philippe Tanguy, National Rally (RN) deputy for the Somme, Thursday December 21, 2023 on franceinfo.  (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

“It is unacceptable not to apply the law”reacted Jean-Philippe Tanguy, National Rally (RN) deputy for the Somme, invited Thursday December 21 on franceinfo, while the 32 left-wing departments announced that they will not apply the tightening of the conditions of payment to foreigners of the personalized autonomy allowance (APA) provided for by the new immigration law.

“What these left-wing figures are demanding, both mayors and departmental councilors, is illegal. They have no legislative and regulatory autonomy”according to the president of the RN group in the National Assembly.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy draws a parallel with marriage for all

The text adopted Tuesday by Parliament provides that the APA paid by the Departmental Council must be conditional on five years of presence on French territory, or two and a half years of contributions, for foreigners. “We, presidents of left-wing departments, refuse the application of the section concerning the personalized autonomy allowance (APA) of this law inspired by the extreme right, carried by an executive which claimed to embody moderation and which does not “is now more than an illustration of compromise”, they said in a statement.

Above all, it gives the French an idea of ​​the fact that a certain number of elected officials consider that democracy does not bind them.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy, RN deputy for the Somme

on franceinfo

“It’s quite dismaying”reacted Jean-Philippe Tanguy. “They don’t want to apply certain laws that they don’t like. But what would we say if right-wing elected officials, when it was Mr. Hollande, had decided not to apply marriage for all to marry homosexual couples”he asked. “At the time, it caused a scandal, it was normal. It was unacceptable not to apply the law”he clarified.

The president of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, Stéphane Troussel, announced Wednesday evening on franceinfo that he would do everything possible to make his department “a republican shield against national preference”. The APA is paid to older people who are losing their independence. The left-wing departments could create another allocation to avoid becoming illegal: “We will put in place a voluntary extra-legal benefit to compensate for the aid that certain elderly people concerned would be deprived of. It will apply under the same conditions as today”explained Stéphane Troussel.

There is irresponsibility at all levels of the State and therefore everyone is falling into it.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy, RN deputy for the Somme

on franceinfo

All eyes are now on the Constitutional Council after a contested vote. Its members could challenge provisions of the immigration law deemed unconstitutional: “How do you expect these mayors or these presidents of local authorities to apply them (the laws) since the Prime Minister herself said that she knew that she had perhaps passed measures which would be unconstitutional?”, explained Jean-Philippe Tanguy. he concluded.

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