“It hits one without moving the other!”

For the start of the school year C mediathe broadcast of France 5 decided to invite Cyril Hanouna this Sunday, September 17, 2023. During his visit, the host of TPMP spoke about the daily he hosts on C8its rivals from other channels, or even the investigation carried out by Further investigation on Puy du Fou. The perfect opportunity for the PAF troublemaker to attack Tristan Waleckx, who was preparing a special issue devoted to “Do not touch My TV” in the coming months.

“There are a lot of things to say about ‘Complementary investigation’”has indicated Cyril Hanouna before being picked up by host Mélanie Taravant: “It’s still a program known for its rigor. Its presenter won the Albert Londres prize. They have just received a prize for their investigation into the World Cup in Qatar.”Not enough to make the presenter see reason TPMP : “Oh no! They were criticized everywhere for their report on Puy du Fou, where they did not verify any information”he retorted.

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Cyril Hanouna teases with the “Cmedia” teams

After a passage devoted to Further investigation, Cyril Hanouna also praised the work of Yann Barthès and the teams of Daily, although they are rivals every night of the week. In short, a “wise” interview during which the host of C8 Didn’t feel in danger for a single moment. And that seems to have disappointed him, according to his words this Monday, September 18, 2023.

Indeed, “Baba” reacted to his passage in C media this Monday on the set of his daily and did not fail to tease journalists from the show France Televisions. “They told me, ‘we really want you to be the first guest of the season, it’s important for us’. So I said to myself that they were going to treat me. You are the French daily record holder, you make 2 million every night, the people are nice, the columnists are happy, you have magnificent skin… I expected that. And I saw that they were bellicose, they wanted to unstitch”he confided to his columnists.

However, according to him, the “warlike” side never appeared: “The problem is that they could have put 25 on me like that, they would have hit one ball without moving the other.” “So it’s true that they were belligerent, but they weren’t thugs, as they say”then quipped Cyril Hanouna, making the set burst into laughter. Perhaps the opportunity for him to return there soon to be pushed to his limits?


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