“It blocked me”: Noémie (Love is in the meadow) reveals the real reasons for her breakup with Gaël

As we approach the results of this 17th season of Love is in the meadow, it is already possible to see that some stories were not made to last. This is particularly the case on the side of Noemie. The young 25-year-old cereal company thought she had made the right choice by inviting her suitors to her home for a few days. Romain and Gael. Unfortunately, nothing went as she would have liked.

It was first with Romain that Noémie realized that no feelings for him would develop. She had then quickly made the decision to send him away. Vis-à-vis Gaël on the other hand, the beautiful blonde seemed bitten! Indeed, despite the great shyness of the charming rugby player, she quite imagined building a beautiful story by his side. And it was off to a good start! During one episode, they spent their first night together without however going very far. “This first night went very well. There was the kiss and then afterwards… that’s all“, she confided. On her hunger, Noémie remained optimistic all the same: “With Gaël, I want to live simple moments, to be happy and to love our life.

But three weeks later, the very young couple announced their separation to Karine Le Marchand. It was Noémie who made this decision during a weekend in Corrèze, organized by another farmer this season, Guillaume du Limousin. During an interview for Pocket TV published this Monday, October 31, she returned to what went wrong between them. “I expected a minimum from him, just to know if he liked me. I only found out what he said about me in the interview when it aired.“, she regretted. But, not sure that a more talkative Gaël would have changed the situation. And for good reason, Noémie was very annoyed by the way he acted during the short time they were together. “After his stay at the farm, we talked a lot but he saturated me with so many messages that it blocked me. When I saw him again, I realized that I had idealized him. And that, even if I liked him physically, I didn’t feel the little thing more“, she confessed.

A disappointing end to the adventure for the one who has already suffered a lot in love in the past. Which makes her say that she could have lived it better if a return to the past was possible. “I would express myself a little more. I would also change this misconception that it’s up to the guy to make the first move. And I would focus less on the physical. I understood that I wasn’t necessarily looking for a big guy who was a little beefy, but a guy with charisma“, she analyzed to conclude.

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