“Is that the urgency?” Asks Marine Le Pen

On France Inter, this Thursday, March 9, the president of the National Rally group in the National Assembly wonders about the need to include the right to abortion in the Constitution. This is not, according to her, “particularly useful”.

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“Is this the urgency?”wonders this Thursday on France Inter Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally group in the National Assembly, while Emmanuel Macron announced the day before that he wanted to include the voluntary termination of pregnancy in the Constitution.

Marine Le Pen considers this measure “not particularly useful”. The former presidential candidate believes that “no one questions the freedom to resort to abortion in France, not a single established political movement, not a single major personality, not a single associationShe also mentions the inflationary context and the energy crisis: “Is it urgent today when the French are unable to fill their shopping carts or their fuel tanks given the prices, when thousands of VSEs-SMEs are failing due to because of the price of energy?”she asks herself.

Marine Le Pen considers that Emmanuel Macron wants to include abortion in the Constitution out of opportunism. “This constitutional reform seems to fascinate him, because each president has the choice to leave a place, however small, in history”indicates the RN deputy from Pas-de-Calais.


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