Is my daughter late?

I am a mother of a family neither worse nor better than the others, but who has always had good contact with her children. Their father having left me after the birth of the second, I had decided to devote my life to my daughters and to my work. Not that I was no longer interested in sexuality, on the contrary, but not to the point of sacrificing my freedom to it.

Like all girls of her generation, my oldest, who is now 24, started flirting with boys at a very young age. I had to exercise good supervision, because she never asked for permissions, she took them without giving a damn about the consequences. Don’t think I bullied her, because I’ve always been open on the subject of sexuality. My mother had been a good guide and I wanted to do the same with my daughters.

With my youngest, things are different. Even if the brotherhood of young girls today has hardly changed from the previous one and that sexuality is still at the top of the interest of young people, my 17 year old daughter, she seems to have no interest in that. She did have a few boyfriends, but never anything serious, and she swears to me that she never slept with any of them. Right now, she told me, she doesn’t even want a prescription for contraceptives.

I wonder what I could have done that was wrong to make her so indifferent to exploring this so important part of her life? Especially since all the young girls, aged 17, have had sexual relations. I asked her sister if she had confided in him, but it seems not. I don’t know what to do to make her open up to me. I especially wonder if she would not have a blockage that she does not want to tell me about. How should I go about getting her to confide in me?

Mom proud of her daughters

“A little more than half of Quebecers between the ages of 15 and 19 have had at least one sexual intercourse with vaginal penetration. The average age of the first vaginal penetration with us is around 16 years old, for both girls and boys. As you can see, almost half of the young people remain who are not included in this statistic, and your daughter must be there. If she’s doing well in other areas of her life, why worry about nothing? She is different from her sister, that’s all! As she knows your open-mindedness, don’t you think that the day she feels the need, she will confide in you?

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