Iris Mittenaere struggling just before the amfAR gala: dress problem… and underwear!

There were still beautiful people to tread the steps of the Cannes Film Festival this year! In the midst of the biggest stars, Iris Mittenaere particularly stood out on the red carpet. The ex-Miss indeed had the chance to attend the screenings of several films and, at each of her appearances, she hit the mark! Slit dress with a plunging neckline, masculine style in a suit matching her darling Diego El Glaoui or hot in red, Iris Mittenaere was simply divine. She took the level of glamor up a notch during the amfAR gala on Thursday evening, not far from Nabilla and her very rounded belly in the air. However, everything had started very badly.

In story Instagram, the day after the charity event, the beautiful 29-year-old brunette told the underside of her complicated preparation. “Hello everyone, I’m taking advantage of having a little time to talk to you because it’s been crazy the last few days. And last night, amfAR was crazy! I’m glad I went there. It’s a gala that’s ultra exclusive so I was so happy to be invited. I posted you the photos, do not hesitate to tell me if you like my look“, she first confided. And to continue: “It was a mess, I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t have a dress a few hours before leaving. I tried everything in the hotel room, everything was too small or it didn’t suit me, too long, too short… in short, it was a hassle!“.

Finally, Iris Mittenaere fell for the creation of the Lebanese seamstress Hassidriss, but not without apprehension. “That dress, I loved it but I was too stressed about the underwear, I didn’t know what to put. If you’ve seen it, you understand me!“, she confessed. And it is true that the outfit was a real challenge in itself. And for good reason, it revealed a lot of it with its great transparency and its ultra-indented side. Fortunately, no accident occurred on the photocall and the beauty queen’s subscribers were unanimously won over by her look.

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