INTERVIEW. Cali is going to play in a cave on Saturday. The Dordogne? “A nugget of culture and fabulous corners”

Ecaussysteme it is one of the biggest festivals of the summer.

AT Gignac, in the Lot near Périgordit has one of the most popular lineups in the region: Angèle, Bernard Lavilliers or even Orelsan and Eddy de Pretto.

A concert at the Grottes de Lacave

Before meeting again this summer, as an aperitifthe organizers invited Cali to come sing saturday april 2 in an unusual place. To Caves of Lacave. You read that right: the singer Cali will give a solo concert for a semi-acoustic ambience behind closed doors, at the center of the earth ! The concert is sold out, there were 200 seats.

Interview with Cali

? As we don’t like people to be disappointed, we hastened to invite Cali to come talk to us.
Tell us about this post-Covid situation, these unusual concerts he is starting to get used to, his latest album “Run“, tinged with electro-pop and happiness (by the way, when is…happiness?)

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