innovations under the sign of sobriety


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L. Bazizin, O. Gardette, V. Poulain – France 3

France Televisions

This year, it’s time for sobriety at the Foire de Paris, Europe’s largest trade fair dedicated to innovations that can make your life easier. The France Télévisions team has unearthed the good deals for you.

The objective: to find everyday objects that do not consume much water. AT the Paris Fair, exhibitors reveal their findings. First step, on the stand of an “eco-compact” dishwasher, named Bob, 34 cm wide, very useful in the kitchen. It consumes only 2.9 liters of water, it is three times more sober than for the same quantity of dishes washed by hand. The device fills manually, no need to connect to the water network.

Shower head

Each French person uses around 150 liters of water per day. At the top, the water used in the bathroom, 53 liters per day. A shower head saves up to 50%. The principle is simple: inside, holes allow you to modulate the pressure, a bit like a garden hose that you pinch. Plants also need water, and there again, no question of wasting it. Thanks to a pump system, the plant absorbs the right amount needed. So many small gestures that are good for the planet and which allow you to limit your water bills.

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