Injections to the buttocks, rhinoplasty, dimples… A look back at the incredible transformation of the ex-star of “Marseillais”

Milla Jasmine can’t wait to start the year 2023. And for good reason, in a few months, the famous influencer will give birth for the very first time. On December 11, Internet users were flabbergasted when they learned the happy news via their social networks: ” I have a surprise for you…. An early Christmas present… a miracle from God,” let the pretty brunette know. “I lost my baby a few months ago despite my prayers and the doctors. […] I don’t think you really recover from the loss of a child… but here, I especially want to talk to you about positive things so it’s a new adventure that is beginning for me. I’m happy to share it with you and now I can snap my upper and lower body.”

On the Web, Milla Jasmine hides nothing about her daily life as a pregnant woman! And his followers are many to give him a lot of advice. Recently on YouTube, the ex-girlfriend of Mujdat Saglam wanted to alert her community to a hot topic: cosmetic surgery. In the world of reality TV, succumbing to the scalpel is quite common for countless candidates. With her dream plastic, Milla Jasmine is aware of intriguing…

“I’m going to tell you something I’ve never confessed before. […] About twelve years ago I had injections in my buttocks. At the time, BBLs – taking fat from your body to reinject it into your butt, for example – did not exist, otherwise I would have done it. Today, these injections scare me a lot, because they don’t go away… When I lose weight, I lose real matter. But when I take it, I let you imagine what happens next,” regretted the young woman. Some operations may be irreversible.

“I couldn’t breathe…”

The one who recently fell for a “dimpleplasty” (creation of dimples editor’s note) hopes that the injections performed on his buttocks will never fail him: ” It’s very dangerous. For the moment, knock on wood, it has not moved. In the past, Milla Jasmine has also touched up her lips on a woman who had no “no office”. The experience could have turned into a tragedy: “I found myself with silicone in my mouth when I was 21. It is a prohibited product and cannot be absorbed”. During the video, the incendiary brunette also mentioned her rhinoplasty… But she is not “completely satisfied with the result”.

“After I broke up [avec Mujdat, NDLR], I freaked out. Mentally, I had no shoulders and I cried all the tears in my body when I woke up,” entrusted Magali Berdah’s protege. “I was not well psychologically […] I ended up with very small nostrils, I couldn’t breathe…”. Confidences that send shivers down your spine!


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