Info franceinfo Médecins sans frontières points out the responsibility of the Israeli army in the attack on one of its convoys which left two dead

On November 18, two MSF minibuses were shot at in the streets of Gaza, as MSF teams and their families sought to flee to the south of the country.



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Palestinians discover the damage around the Al-Chifa hospital in Gaza, after an Israeli offensive, November 26, 2023. (OMAR EL-QATTAA / AFP)

Doctors Without Borders points out the responsibility of the Israeli army in the shootings which left two dead on November 18 in Gaza, against an NGO convoy which was trying to flee towards the south of the country, Franceinfo revealed on Friday via a document from MSF. The NGO is demanding an explanation from the Israeli authorities as well as an independent investigation.

The attack occurred on November 18 during the Israeli offensive against Al-Chifa hospital, located in the north of the Gaza Strip. The soldiers had ordered his evacuation. Israel assured that Hamas used this establishment as a military base.

MSF says vehicles “were deliberately targeted by fire”

On the Médecins Sans Frontières website, we can read a press release dated November 18 in which the NGO denounces “a deliberate attack on a convoy seeking to evacuate its personnel”. MSF assures that the cars were “clearly identified by the organization’s logos” and only two of them “were deliberately targeted by fire”.

According to MSF, the team’s testimonies point to the responsibility of the Israeli army in this attack. A member of the NGO claims to have seen tanks and snipers positioned at the top of a building shortly before the shooting which caused the death of a relative and a neighbor. He also claims they shot him.

MSF also accuses the Israeli army of deliberately destroying the NGO’s vehicles two days later, on November 20, with a bulldozer and tanks, even though they represented evidence in this case. That day, one of the MSF members actually filmed, from the NGO’s offices in Gaza, the burning of five marked vehicles.

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