INFO FRANCEINFO. Gabriel Attal is considering a new format for questions to the government where deputies will only address him

This direct exchange between the Prime Minister and the deputies could take place during the current question session to the government on Wednesday.



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Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is considering, with the support of the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet, the establishment of a new format for questions to the government, where deputies will address only him and no longer to all the ministers, Franceinfo learned on Thursday February 15 from the Prime Minister’s entourage.

According to information from franceinfo, the 34-year-old Prime Minister is in favor of being questioned alone in the hemicycle of the National Assembly. All MPs will be able to address him directly, whereas today you have to be group president to directly address the Prime Minister. “The format remains to be invented”explains one of his relatives.

A formula that is running out of steam

Every week, MPs from all political groups challenge, question and demand accountability from the government on current issues during “QAG” (questions to the government). They sometimes give rise to very muscular exchanges. Until this winter, this exchange lasted two hours, but as everyone ended up deserting the hemicycle over the course of the questions, the presidency of the assembly decided to divide the session in two, with one part on Tuesday, one other on Wednesday. Those around the President of the National Assembly are discussing the idea of ​​reserving the Wednesday session for these direct questions to Gabriel Attal, with a duration of 45 minutes of questions and answers with the head of government.

Yaël Braun-Pivet must speak about it soon with the head of government to put this format in place. The same idea had already been proposed to Élisabeth Borne, who refused.

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